Ho-Ho-Kus Waldwick Cooperative Nursery School believes education, fun and healthy living are the building blocks of shaping young minds. We are a Bergen County cooperative preschool dedicated to providing our students with comprehensive early education through play, song, language, art, games, music and physical activity. Our dedicated and knowledgeable teachers, along with the help of our well-trained aides and participating parents, help our children to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically throughout the year. Our school provides a warm and caring environment as we guide our students through their first school experiences.

In addition to our regular curriculum, the nursery school is happy to present many enrichment programs for our children. These additional programs are available due to the generous support of our families through fundraising activities.

Music Programs - Our children participate in a weekly Music Enrichment Program with our music teacher, Miss Janie, and this encourages sing- and play-along activities. Children learn memorization skills through repetition to music, along with fine and gross motor skills associated with movement and dance.

French Language Program - The 2s, 3s and 4s classes have a French Language Enrichment Class with Madame MacLaren as part of the weekly enrichment curriculum, with lots of singing, dancing, puppets and other fun props to help them learn French words and phrases! 

Spanish and Gym Language Program - The 3s and 4s classes 5-day program also enjoy a Spanish gym class with Señora Alison on Fridays!   The children participate in fun activities and games that involve movement, exercise and developing gross motor skills, while learning Spanish vocabulary, such as counting, colors etc at the same time!   

Science Programs - During the course of the school year the 2s classes enjoy a short class adoption of a guinea pig/bunny and our 3s classes participate in the chick hatching program from Quiver Farm Projects.  Our 4s classes follow the caterpillar to butterfly project from Insect Lore. All of the children also visit all of the animal projects in the different classrooms. 

Ad-hoc Additional Enrichment Programs - We also provide ad-hoc additional Enrichment Programs for the children during the school year, such as a Bubble and Magic Program for the 4s classes. 


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