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Ho-Ho-Kus Waldwick Cooperative Nursery School (HWCNS) Ho-Ho-Kus Waldwick Cooperative Nursery School (HWCNS) Ho-Ho-Kus Waldwick Cooperative Nursery School (HWCNS) Ho-Ho-Kus Waldwick Cooperative Nursery School (HWCNS)  Ho-Ho-Kus Waldwick Cooperative Nursery School (HWCNS)

What is a Cooperative Nursery School and how often will I coop?

HWCNS is a Cooperative Nursery School which allows parents to participate in the classroom setting with the teacher and other aide.  Parents are scheduled to work in the classroom five times over the school year for a 2.5 hour morning session. Parents are there to assist both the children and the teacher in the everyday classroom activities. It also allows parents the opportunity to watch their child interact with other children their age and to see their social and emotional growth throughout the year. Non-cooperative membership is also welcome for parents unable to participate in the classroom at an increased tuition.

Can I bring along my younger child when I co-op?

Unfortunately no, younger siblings are not permitted in the classroom when you co-op. You will need to make other arrangement for that time.

What if I am unable to make my scheduled co-oping day?

It is your responsibility to switch with another co-oping parent or call the substitute aide list. Remember that you will need to compensate an aide for the day.

I work and my mother watches my child, can she co-op for me?

Unfortunately no, only the parents or legal guardians of the child are permitted to co-op. Finger printing and a CARI Background Check is needed for all moms and dads working in classroom.

My family is non-co-oping, why are we still on a committee?

Our nursery school continues to thrive due to the involvement of our parents - not only through parents' participation in the classroom but as part of the school as a whole. As such, all families are required to be a part of a committee throughout the school year. However, parents can choose to opt-out of the committee responsibility for an annual fee.

Why can't I bake cupcakes for my child's birthday?

Our school is committed to the safety and well-being of the children in our care and there are children with allergies at HWCNS. Because of this, we do not serve food items that pose a possibility of allergic reaction or are known choking hazards. Items such as nuts, peanut butter, raisins, popcorn, milk or eggs will not be served at school.  We have a daily nut-free Approved Snack List (the school provides a daily snack) and this includes nut-free cupcakes that you can bring in to celebrate your child's birthday if you would like. We also strongly recommend that parents pack nut-free lunches for their children.  

Is there an option for me to purchase lunch for my child?

HWCNS Fundraising typically offers parents the opportunity to purchase lunch (such as pizza, bagels, chicken fingers etc) for their child a couple of times a week for an additional fee.  

Is there an option for early drop off or after school care?

We offer Early Morning Drop-Off for all children from 8:30am onwards and Afternoon Enrichment Monday-Thursday for the 3s and 4s children until 2:45pm and 2:30pm respectively.  We do not provide additional after school care.   

Can I add Lunch or Afternoon Enichment during the school year?

Yes, if we have spots available, you can add lunch, Afternoon Enrichment or Early Morning Drop-off for your child from the start of the following month. 

What is Learning Without Tears?

The Learning Without Tears® (LWT) curriculum provides developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies for the classroom. Using these tools, such as the Wooden Pieces, Wet-Dry-Try Method, Stamp and See Screens and LWT Chalk Boards, the program follows a particular method and process of letter and number writing that is designed to help children master handwriting in a fun, structured way. For example, children learn capital letter formations as they imitate the teacher piece by piece using the LWT Wooden Pieces. ‘Big Line, Little Line, Big Curve and Little Curve’ Wooden Pieces are used to create and build letters. After following the LWT method for uppercase letters, children in the 4s class move on to writing lower case letters and numbers.

How can I schedule a tour to see the school and ask additional questions?

Please call the school at 201 445 8424 to schedule a tour with our Director, Alison MacLaren.  Alternatively, please email Alison at